U11 Pre-Season

What is a Pre-Season Skate:

When registering with Millwoods Hockey you will be given 2 skate times free of charge to help get you ready for your upcoming tiering evaluations.

Is Pre Season Skate Mandatory:

  • Yes
  • You will be assigned your 2 skates through our new TeamSnap app

What will be covered during the 2 skate sessions:

  • Basic positioning and game play practices
  • Basic understanding of how U11 Hockey will be played
  • Evaluation preparation which can consist of practice drills for the time trial portion.

Pre-Season Ice Dates

You will be notified by the Director which ice slot you are assigned to, prior to the start of the pre-season skates.

U11 Shinny Date DayStartEndArena
Pre-Season Skate 126-Aug-24MON18:1519:15Millwood's Rec B
Pre-Season Skate 226-Aug-24MON19:3020:30Millwood's Rec B
Pre-Season Skate 327-Aug-24TUES18:1519:15Millwood's Rec B
Pre-Season Skate 427-Aug-24TUES19:3020:30Millwood's Rec B
Pre-Season Skate 128-Aug-24WED18:1519:15Millwood's Rec B
Pre-Season Skate 228-Aug-24WED19:3020:30Millwood's Rec B
Pre-Season Skate 329-Aug-24THUR18:1519:15Millwood's Rec B
Pre-Season Skate 429-Aug-24THUR19:3020:30Millwood's Rec B