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Hockey Edmonton Regulations Handbook

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Hockey Edmonton Intro to Hockey Guide

Hockey Edmonton Substitute Goaltender Procedure

Co-Ed Dressing Room Policy

U7 Hockey Edmonton Program

U9 Hockey Edmonton Player Resources

EFHL 2024-2025 Standards of Play

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Hockey Canada

Hockey Canada U7 Program 

Hockey Canada Mobile Aps

  • Concussion Awareness App/ Hockey Canada Rule Book App/ Hockey Canada Network

Hockey Canada U9 Program 

Drill Hub

  • Each drill includes a PDF description and video demonstrating the drill
  • Each drill has key techniques
  • Page set up and segmented by different skills- shooting, skating , etc.
  • Coaches will need to create an account - then you are able to create practice plans by selecting any drill you prefer.

Hockey Canada Coaching Program - the essentials of coaching

  • Teaches Body Contact Skill

Skill Development Resources/Downloads

Long Term Player Development

Hockey Canada Official Rule Book

Hockey Canada By-Laws and Regulations