Respect in Sport - Activity Leader

Respect in Sport

The Respect in Sport Program is an online certification program designed to protect our youth as well as enhance Hockey Alberta’s mandate of providing a safe and fun environment for all of our participants. It is Canada’s leading online bullying, abuse, harassment, and negligence prevention program for parents, coaches, and community leaders.

The Respect in Sport - Activity Leader/Coach program educates coaches and activity leaders to recognize, understand and respond to issues of bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination. It may be the single most important training leaders receive to assist in creating a safe, healthy and respectful environment for all participants.

The Respect in Sport - Activity Leader (RIS-AL) certification is required for all bench staff (Head Coach, Assistant Coaches, Trainer). If you want to join the bench staff for this season, your certification must be valid (not expired) prior to going on the ice or on the bench with a team. You will not be added to the team hard card without a valid RIS-AL.

RIS-AL certifications are valid for a period of 4 years and expire on May 1 of the final year. When it expires, you must re-certify to continue coaching. If your last RIS-AL was taken in 2019 or prior, it is no longer valid and you will need to recertify to coach for the 2024-2025 season. If you are unsure of your RIS-AL status, please check your HCR (Spordle) account or your Respect in Sport account.

If you have any questions concerning the RIS-AL certification, please visit Hockey Alberta's website for more information.

If you have previously completed the RIS-AL certification under a different organization, you can import your valid certification for the Hockey Alberta program by following these Import Certificate Instructions.

Please Note: The Respect in Sport - Activity Leader is a different certification than the Respect in Sport - Parent program, and bench staff may require both.