General Jersey Information


Every Millwoods Hockey team will receive a set of association jerseys upon team formation to be used for the upcoming hockey season. Each team will have designated volunteer jersey parents who will act as caretakers for the jerseys, to bring them to the rink for games and wash after games. Players in U9 - U13 are not to take their jersey home nor keep them in their equipment bag.

** Home/Away jerseys are to be returned at the end of the season washed and hung in numerical order**

All players will be provided with 1 pair of socks.

  • If a player requires a second pair, they can be purchased by contacting the Equipment Director at a cost $20.00 (fee may be adjusted from season to season depending on actual costs).
  • Millwoods Hockey issued socks are for game use only. Millwoods Hockey does not warranty socks from damages sustained from off ice activities such as street or ball hockey.
  • Wearing game day socks for practice should also be avoided.

U7 (Timbits) - Tim Horton's sponsors jerseys and socks every three years. Players must return their jersey at the end of the season, unless otherwise notified by the Team Equipment Director.

U9 / U13 - Teams will be provided with home/away jerseys by Millwoods Hockey and both sets of jerseys must be returned to Millwoods Hockey at the end of the season.

  • U9 / U13 players are provided one pair of socks to be worn with both home and away jerseys.

U11 - Teams will be provided home/away jerseys and 2 pair of socks per player courtesy of the McDonald's AtoMc jersey sponsorship program. At the end of the season, players will get to keep one of their jerseys.

  • The Equipment Director will advise if players can keep either the home or away jerseys each year and must return the other set to Millwoods Hockey.

The team Manager will coordinate with the team jersey parents for distribution of jerseys to all players, included affiliated players.


Note: All jersey questions should be directed towards the Team Equipment Director at

Jersey Maintenance

  • Each team will have volunteer jersey parents who are responsible for keeping home and away sets organized and clean.
  • Players are not permitted to take their jerseys home.
  • Players should not use the jerseys for off ice activities unless previously approved. If jerseys will be worn for approved off-ice activities (e.g. bottle drives, Oil Kings games, etc.) the black set should be used. Damages sustained from all off-ice activities are the responsibility of the players' parent/guardian and will be subject to replacement cost.
  • Parents agree not to allow a player to use colored drinks (e.g. Orange Gatorade) when wearing their jersey. Damages caused by staining are the responsibility of the players' parent/guardian and will be subject to replacement cost.
  • Jerseys will be kept clean by the designated volunteer jersey parent(s).

Washing Instructions:

  • Please wash jerseys separately or with like colors.
  • Do not wash the white jerseys with any colored clothing as they will turn out grey / bluish tone.
  • Wash inside out.
  • Wash in cold water.
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener or scented boosters to sanitize.
  • Hang to dry.

Affiliated Players

Team Managers will provide affiliated players with a jersey applicable for game day and ensure it has been collected at the end of the game. Affiliated players are not permitted to take home game jerseys.

Name Bars

New for the 2024-25 season 

Millwoods Hockey is excited to announce that name bars have been re-instated for U9-U13 Home/Away player jerseys, as long as the below criteria has been followed. Adding name bars is optional, should the team that decide to cover the related expenses for purchasing, addition and removal.

Name Bar Criteria: 

  • Alice Embroidery and Elite Promotional Marketing are the only authorized companies permitted to proceed with the creation, addition and removal of the name bars for the home/away jerseys.
  • The cost associated with adding and removing name bars is a team expense, and will not be covered by the association.
  • Parents/guardians will not attempt to add or remove the names bars on their own, otherwise they will be liable for any damages, repairs or replacement costs.

Jersey Replacement Policy

While Millwoods Hockey does not collect a Jersey Deposit, damage to your player's jersey will be the responsibility of parents/guardians.

  • Parents must agree/acknowledge to the jersey waiver when registering online.
  • The Equipment Manager will determine if the game jersey(s) is damaged beyond normal wear and tear.
  • Parents will be invoice $125.00 for the cost of a replacement jersey and/or the cost of mending if possible.
  • Payment for jersey damages must be made by the April 30 of each season.
  • Non-payment will result in a violation with Millwoods Hockey and the player will not be permitted to register for any future seasons with Millwoods Hockey or any other Hockey Canada governed program.