Congratulations to 2023-24 Edmonton City Champions MW401

Millwoods Hockey

Congratulations to MW401 Edmonton City Champs! The journey to the top is finally complete for MW401. After starting the season at 2-3-1 and being slated to drop to the green division of tier 1. I had them moved up to blue to challenge them as players. It was a marathon 41 games since that point…

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Congratulations to 2023-24 Edmonton City Champions MW402

Millwoods Hockey Team

Our story began two years ago, with the MW402 Bruins of 2021-22.  They were the winners of the u11 Tier 2 Blue Division.  That team had solid reliable team defense, which frustrated their opponents.   They also had a leader that demonstrated that if you work hard and never quit that you can preserve and win…

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